Leah Brown, Registered Psychotherapist

Have you ever felt like you needed to do “more” or be “more” in order to feel like you are “enough?” Overwhelmed by guilt if you have needs of your own? Or believe if you did acknowledge YOU in relationships it could end in abandonment, disappointment or being alone? You may have learned to relate to yourself in this way for as long as you can remember and does not mean you are “broken” in need of being “fixed”. When we remove judgment and begin to see our “true self” through the lens of curiosity we get to reconnect with who we have always wanted to be but was too afraid to try.

I am passionate about working with women who have never felt their worth no matter how many accomplishments they have acquired, or imagine themselves needing to measure up to other women "more" successful. I use an integrative approach designed for your specific needs, goals, and history, to support you in re-connecting to your authentic self.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and reach out to others for support. It is when we are met with unconditional acceptance and genuine authenticity in return we get to build a foundation of self-love and self-compassion we may never knew was possible. I can be that support for you and look forward to getting started. Contact me today and let's do this!

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***Leah has a private practice in London Ontario. If you are provided with her contact information from Cobourg Counselling, she is available via telephone or Online Counselling.***

Rebecca Wabischewich, Registered Psychotherapist

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Rebecca; I am a Registered Psychotherapist providing a non-judgmental, genuine, and supportive environment to clients from a variety of backgrounds. At Uniquely You, you are not only welcome, but encouraged to explore your troubles, emotional burdens, personal challenges and journey of self-discovery. Working together, we will strive towards a place where you are able to be the best version of you.

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***Rebecca has a private practice in Barrie Ontario. If you are provided with her contact information from Cobourg Counselling, she is available via telephone or Online Counselling.***

Hanada Kardassopoulos, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Are you living your best life? Do you sometimes feel anxious, confused, or frustrated about things going on in your life? Are you ready to change your life for the better? Do you need parenting support or family therapy? I help adolescents, young adults, adults and family systems become more at peace with their life, grow and strive for happiness. I will help you go from just being, to being great. In all aspects of my life, empathy, compassion and kindness are centre to my relationships allowing me to accept people for who they are and where they are in their life.

Most important to my therapy sessions is developing a connection with you by creating a comfortable atmosphere where you feel safe to have honest conversations. This nurturing environment encourages you to make the changes you want for living your best life through goal setting and working to achieve specific outcomes.

I treat clients whose issues range from a general discontent with life to anxiety, depression, trauma, conflict resolution, stress (e.g., work related), anger management, grief/loss, ADHD (ADD), learning disabilities, behavioural issues, substance abuse (addiction), low self-esteem and personal growth. I am a trauma-informed therapist.

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***Hanada has a private practice in Toronto Ontario. If you are provided with her contact information from Cobourg Counselling, she is available via telephone or Online Counselling.***

Daniela Ramos, Registered Psychotherapist

Please know that you are warmly welcomed here! My name is Daniela and, although it is likely you might be in some kind of emotional pain right now, I am glad you are here. It takes courage to seek help!

Deep down, we might have a good idea of who we long to be. However, our fears, avoidances and stressors, can be consuming the best of us. Is it time to come back home?

Therapy is about re-establishing the relationship between your body and your mind. It is about uncovering layers of fear and patterns that we developed through life; it is about building a relationship of trust in a non-judgemental environment where you can be you. Your wounds are not a life sentence! Allow yourself to be what you long to be!

I have trained for a variety of approaches, including biofeedback, and will use the ones that best fit your needs and your personality. By working together, you can expect to learn more about self-awareness and the power of noticing yourself and your patterns - that is where it lies our ability to change things that are not serving us anymore. It is not only about learning skills to cope with, but also creating strategies to live by.

Whether in your life that is called anxiety, depression, life transition, relationship issues, traumatic experience, increase confidence, and so on - to heal and change, we are invited to come back home. Together, we will establish goals and develop a plan for reaching that.

I work exclusively online and use a safe video platform that is in compliance with my college requirements, especially regarding confidentiality. You can also choose to have sessions over the phone.

We are all unique beings with incredible life stories, and I would be honoured to hear yours.

Licence, Certification

Daniela holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She is a member in good standing with the College of Psychotherapist of Ontario (CRPO) and holds the title of Registered Psychotherapist.